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ORDO-CoverORDO is a peer-reviewed academic journal first published by Walter Eucken and Franz Böhm in 1948. It focuses on the economic and political institutions governing modern society. Its mission is to provide a forum of debate for scholars of diverse disciplines such as economics, law, political science, sociology, and philosophy.

Contributors include Nobel laureates James M. Buchanan, Milton Friedman, Friedrich von Hayek, and George J. Stigler, as well as Lord Peter Thomas Bauer, Franz Böhm, Gottfried Haberler, Erich Hoppmann, Otmar Issing, Paul Kirchhof, Israel M. Kirzner, Frank H. Knight, Irving Kristol, Ludwig Lachmann, Assar Lindbeck, Friedrich A. Lutz, Fritz W. Meyer, Alfred Müller-Armack, Sir Karl R. Popper, Wilhelm Röpke, Jacques Rueff, Carl Christian von Weizsäcker, Arthur Woll, and many other notable scholars.

ORDO also contains book reviews. Articles are published in German or in English. If you wish to contribute, please read our submission guidelines.

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